How come I always have trouble in one foot and the other is fine?

Sometimes old injuries or congenital problems can make one foot more likely to have problems than the other. We must remember that we are not totally symmetrical. One foot is usually slightly bigger than the other and often one leg is slightly longer than the other. A bigger foot may be cramped in the shoe, and a longer leg may weigh slightly more than a shorter leg. Often, a professional examination can determine exactly what the reason is that one of your feet is always the “problem” foot.

Why did my fungal toenails come back after they were cured?

Fungus is all around us. Our toenails are constantly under attack from fungus in our shoes, in our showers, in gyms and anywhere else that is warm and moist. Some people are very susceptible to fungal infections. In some people, in fact, the fungus stays dormant in their skin and causes little or no problems but is ready to infect the toenails at a moment’s notice. Curing fungus toenails and keeping them healthy requires constant vigilance.


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