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Treat toenail fungus with laser

Kill the fungus that is discoloring your toenails, perhaps in as little as one treatment. One of every ten people have toenail fungus, and half of those 50 and older fight it. If you are one of them, stop hiding your nails. Heal them at Texas Laser Foot Center.

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Austin patients seeking to eliminate their toenail fungus with Dr. Prant get the benefit of traditional podiatry. The disfigured nail is removed -- a painless process -- allowing treatment to penetrate more deeply into the infected nail. Medications are prescribed to eliminate any remaining infection and prevent re-infection. Finally, patients receive clear directions on preventing a future infection.

See photos of nails treated with the Q-Clear Laser here.

Important to note: No matter what toenail fungus treatment you use, your nail will not be clear for at least six months. It takes that long for the healthy nail to grow. Also, fungal infection, like other infections, can return. You may have a lifestyle that encourages this growth. You may have contaminated shoes or surfaces in your home. You may be genetically prone to this infection. We provide our patients tips and medication to prevent re-infection, but we cannot guarantee a lifetime of perfect nails.

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Texas Laser Foot Center is a subsidiary of the Arbor Foot Health Center. Our goal is to treat cosmetic foot problems swiftly, usually in the same visit.

NOTE: Texas Laser Foot Center uses the Q-Clear Laser. Though the manufacturer has applied, it has not been specifically approved by the Federal Drug Administration for use in the treatment of toenail fungus. It has been approved to treat other cosmetic skin conditions including spider veins.