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In-Office Treatments

We here at Austin Foot & Ankle Center are board certified and can provide optional minimally invasive procedures/techniques to treat many common surgical conditions such as bunions, hammertoes and arthritis to help reduce adhesions, scarring and other post-surgical complications. These techniques can be done in the office or surgery center depending on the procedure. Please come see us for more details.

Help Without Big Surgery

Patients are often surprised to learn they have so many nonsurgical or minimally invasive options. Many of our patients benefit from state-of-the-art treatment options right in our office:

Foot manipulation

At Arbor Foot Health Center, we are proud to introduce foot manipulation techniques that can provide relief from heel and joint pain without surgery, drugs or pain! Foot manipulation employs the idea that a perfect foot structure is not needed in order to walk comfortably. Instead, patients need enough motion in several key joints. We can see how your foot is compensating for lack of motion and/or structural problems in your foot. Correcting these problems can be as simple as balancing your foot in the shoe or manipulating the foot to get enough motion in a “jammed” part of the foot.

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