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Q-Clear Laser

Q-Clear Laser, Diode Laser & CO2 Laser

At Arbor Foot Health Center, we offer his patients state-of-the-art laser treatment options for treating a variety of foot conditions. The latest addition to the clinic is the Q-Clear Laser, approved by the FDA for use to treat cosmetic skin conditions. With its dual wave lengths, the Q-Clear Laser treats many foot issues with no pain. We have successfully treated these conditions using laser technology for many years:

  • Ingrown toenail
  • Warts
  • Deep calluses
  • Fungus toenail

The Advantage of laser surgery over traditional methods is that the lasers can remove tissue without many of the undesirable side effects that sometimes result from using a scalpel. The microscopically guided laser light vaporizes the affected tissues almost instantaneously and so precisely that normal surrounding tissues are not affected. The unique property of the laser is that as it vaporizes and destroys diseased tissue, it also sterilizes and stops bleeding in the surrounding areas.

Learn more about the Q-Clear Laser in our blog.

Benefits of laser surgery are:

  • Much less tissue injury and swelling after surgery, which in turn results in reduced pain and discomfort.
  • Patients recover more quickly, heal better and have a decreased risk of infection.
  • Even better, scars are less likely or smaller.
  • Possible to complete treatment in one visit, while with other techniques, many visits or even hospitalization may be required.

Surgeries are performed in-office, under local anesthetic, and then the laser light is targeted to the affected area. The entire procedure is completed in a very short time and the patient is able to walk out of the office after the procedure. Postoperative discomfort is minimal.

Ultrasound & Mini C-Arm Video X-ray Imaging

Arbor Foot Health Center is one of the few podiatry offices in Austin to offer colored diagnostic ultrasound and Mini C-Arm video X-ray. Often general practitioners miss diagnosing foot problems because they can only review still X-ray images. With mini c-arm video X-ray, we can often discover fragments, stress and hairline fractures missed by other methods. This diagnostic approach reduces the need to repeat X-rays and reduce overall radiation exposure for the patients. When we need to view the foot’s numerous muscles, ligaments, nerves and blood vessels, he uses onsite ultrasound to reveal soft tissues that X-ray cannot show. Using video X-ray and ultrasound in combination, we can diagnose the cause of pain and best treat it.

We use in-office microscopes to see and remove foreign bodies such as:

  • Glass
  • Splinters
  • Thorns, etc.

This kind of treatment is unique to Arbor Foot Health Center in Austin, and it is extremely beneficial for patients.

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